Inspired by https://www.facebook.com/3D.architecture.visualizations/
C&C are welcome


What a wonderful design for rainy days. Add some windows (for fresh air) and shades and you have a winning product for rainy AND sunny days :slight_smile:

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Nice idea. Technically, the glass could do with a little bit more work. It feels like glass in a close up picture. So i would not expect the refractions in the bottom right part of the sphere. Possibly a little more work on the entrance.

But overall nice work. Lighting feels good.

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Hahaha you are right thanks

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Thanks you
I will try to fix it :pray:t6:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thanks bartv :pray:t6:

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just my opinion, it looks very good but the tree looks fake it’s still like cg

It seems like the bubble could use some fresnel on the reflection.

Thanks for the advise :pray:t6:

I am glad that my my project inspired you! Thank you very much. I am looking forward to seeing more of your projects and progress :slight_smile:

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Thanks you :pray:t6::pray:t6::pray:t6::sparkles:

nice version!!
i would love to have something like this as a place for me and my laptop to sit on cold days :wink:

the first moment i had a wait i have seen this somewhere here thought :wink:
after a short search in my browser-history:
your inspiration was posted way back in February here on blenderartists too…

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Nice work.

So real! Great work. I wasn’t going to say anything else, but since you said C&C welcome. :grinning: If you’re going for realism then I think making the deck look less perfect would go a long ways. Having built a couple of decks myself, my eyes went straight for the deck and the sense of realism was lost on how straight and perfect the boards of the deck are. Even TREX decking isn’t perfectly uniform like that. My suggestions would be to bevel the side edges of the boards just a bit more and then change then shift or change the grain a bit on each board. If this is meant to be real wood then there would be screw holes to attach them and the board’s grain would be more random and include a few knots or splits Also, a tiny bit of normal mapping because the boards aren’t going to be perfectly smooth.


Thanks for all your suggestion
Sorry for the late respond :pray:t6::pray:t6:

Just found this Advertisement in a paper Prospekte and was immediately reminded at this Post…

Not as stylish as yours…