Bubblehorse Model (HunterXHunter)


(PeriKun) #1

As many of you HxH(HunterXHunter) fans can
guess this is an attempt of a mid-low poly creature model from the HxH series.:smile:

UV Mapped,texture painted,little bit of sculpt with multires and for the tail i’ve used particles.
At the end compositing was used and shadow catcher for the shadow as well.:face_with_monocle:

I was anxious about the result a little bit tho…:sweat:
Wishing you like it and any correction or instructions is more than welcome and much appreciated.:slight_smile:

…with some motion blurs…

And some passes…

This was the reference image…

(alf0) #2

waht is that !!!
i think the problem is that there is no direct light on the first renders !!!

(PeriKun) #3

Hmm…i’ve just used the HDRI illumination. The proper lighting is challenging for me some times i guess… :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: