Bubbles and Butterflies

Hi, everyone! It’s good to be back at posting artworks again.

Here’s another piece from me. I almost struggled getting this one done since the ideas had been stocked for so long without proper delivery I might say. Then again, the most difficult aspect was on how I could keep it as simple as possible. So I took a night off (actually two) to finish this one and so here it is.

Thank you sooo much for viewing! ^_^’

Made with: Blender
Rendered with: Blender Internal
Textures painted with: GIMP
Post: GIMP

(edit: thanks for letting it through the forum gallery! ^_^)

And here is the high-res version > http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/3543/bubblesandbutterfliesxb7.png


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nice render. Very good. Now make the bubbles move arround and make the butterflies fly. That will be enjoyable.

simple and yet so nice
i always feel the urge to complicate my renderings by post processing , how do you manage the temptations of over post processing

Great mood in a simple scene.
I love it!

That’s great! A simple yet lovely scene.

kkrawal: You just gave me a fantastic idea, sir. Wow. That’d be a great practice for me. Thanks so much. Now, thinking about it, hMmmmm… I’m pondering how would I be able to achieve same emotion with the animated version. Hehe! Hopefully you’ll love what I’ll come up with. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

superhero: You have no idea how difficult it had been to me. hehe! I always try to think “the simpler, the better”, but that doesn’t actually apply to everything. A moderation is the best, I guess. :slight_smile:

Thanks, btw.

Reynante: nothing more to say :wink: Incredibly beautiful image. And really it’ll be nice to see bubbles and butterflies moving…

Nice bubbles.
The reflection in bubbles seems to be different then the environment though.

you’re works are all so clean and glassy and watery, excellent style!

Thank you so much, tixy. I appreciate you liked it (them). :slight_smile:

yaaaaaaaaaaay!! He looks happy in his little land :slight_smile:

Those bubbles are reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally good. Awesome.

really simple and sweet,
Yes I like it

Great work! I liked the bubbles.

ps. waiting for the makign of :slight_smile:

Assuming that the background is blender generated and not post-pro, i’d re-render it, but with a 100% raytransparent plane infront of it, then i’d make the plane glossy, not much, maybe 0.95 (1 being completelyunglossy 0 being completely glossy), this way you can eliminate the banding and tweak the feel of the background.
Alternativly you could simply select the background in post-pro and blur it by a couple of pixels.

Thanks so much, TheANIMAL. The background which is only a gradient color was made with GIMP, and the rest with Blender. Thanks again, pal. :slight_smile:


cool art work!!! well… how did you do the bubbles ?? with transparent water and ray miror ? thanks :slight_smile:

wow that looks good, especially the glass the butterflies are to be placed in. maybe the colors of the butterflies and the bg don´t fit that good together, but I wouldn´t alter the bg

Great image, simple and interesting too. The bubbles look particularly good.

I feel that it would add to it if the chracter had some more definition, details etc. Other than that, I think it’s a very nice piece of work! Great job! I love the feeling of it!