Bubbles! (weekend Challenge)

I started working on a entry for the weekend challenge today, i was wondering what your thoughts were on this and how i could improve it?


let the render finish :stuck_out_tongue: they also look exactly the same… looks pretty good though :slight_smile:

im going to stretch some of the bubbles out along the Z-axis, and maybe add some smaller bubbles, should i change the color slightly of some of them?

Do you have ray mirror on? I don’t see the bubbles reflecting other bubbles. May I suggest making something like a hemispherical backdrop to use for the pretty distorted reflections - that will make them look different! Also might be nice to have more frenel

Ok, i turned on ray mirror and made the background a bit darker, also i changed up the bubbles a bit, can you guys read what it says?


I cant recognize the words :frowning:
It just looks like bubbles…