I’m onto a new project. as always a crapshoot. a friend of mine asked me to come up with ideas and drawing for a possible childrens book. I have to still insert the main character into the image these are still low resolution images so forgive the grainyness. render times are horendous. the black and white one is blender. and the color is yafray with a hdr file for lighting.

It’s a bubble making machine for the bathtub.



You really are innovative!


Really nice but the noise in the yafray render is awful.

Very nice detail, can’t wait to see the character. The bubbles have a little high IOR, in my opinion.


I agree about the IOR, I haven’t found a good setting for soapbubbles. off chance would you know one? As for the character, it’s driving me nuts. my asthetic is to make him edgy but the guy I’m working with wants more cute, I’m not the best at cute so I’m on my third rendition.


the noise will go away on the final render. but it will take a couple of days to render it out so I want to get it right.



That’s very funny :smiley:
cool work mate.

Have you tried cached pathlight? It’s much faster than without and with “no” grain.

Bubbles have an IOR close to air because they consist of air and a thin soap film with almost no refraction effect. The refraction should be virtually unnoticable.


I’ve had some success with cached-pathlight with images but I might have bad settings as it always takes a long time with it as well but I’ll will try again.


thanks I’ll try that.

You could cheat the reflections on the smaller bubbles with a single Env Map. That would really lower render times, and the difference would be minimal (if any).

I’ve been on vacation. this is an updated image with the character. I’m not really sure how to do an environmental map with yafray.


That’s REALLY weird (and that’s why I like it) :slight_smile:

A pity the boy is …not up to standard with the rest of the picture
because the original picture was pretty high up there.

I’d suggest that you give the boy a total makeover and
up the standard to your current picture. I know that it
ain’t easy gettin the boy’s face right…but take your time
to hone the details, you’re doing great.

The what it looks like being stained in the color image makes it look like a old photo which makes it look pretty nice, the boy needs a lot of work though.

alright, I redid the boy, he’s not done yet, I’m struggling with the UV. he’s made initually from makehuman and then modified. the makehuman site says there is a child target but I never could find it.


The boy looks a little better, but I guess you could leave him since the bubble machine is the main thing for this picture.

probably took years to render? mmm… i don’tthink bubles refract so much (they are halo and very thin).

You would probably need more triangles then Bill gates has money for it to take that long :o :stuck_out_tongue:


yes the child is not the focus and is not a study in building a figure so I used the most expedient method i could think of the make him. What I need to work on is making better UV maps.


It took 5 days to render in skydome (hemi) I know full (pathlight) is quicker for this but I like the look of the hemi for some things. I set the IOR to 1.00 and the refectivity to .07. maybe they should be lower still.

IOR & Reflections.
You probably want something like virtually no refraction (IOR of 1 as you said), and a relatively generous reflection, but with high Fresnel factors. I don’t know whether yafray does the faked Fresnel like Blender does…

I cant be sure exactly why I like this so much, but keep doing whatever it is your doing :slight_smile: