This really isn’t a WIP per se, more of a technique I’m trying for my next scene. I’d like to fill the volume of the sphere with bubbles, but I don’t know of a practical way to do it other than creating a few hundred smaller spheres and placing them by hand. Is there a script that I can use to do this??


Cool pic!

More bubbles… how about some particles? Maybe bake the position?

You could try using the game engine.

Make a 1/2 sphere as a container then copy lots of small spheres above the container, you can scale individual spheres for different sized bubbles. Use the game engine to pack them into the half sphere. Use the last frame from the baked IPO curves for the position of the bubbles. Then just copy and mirror the bubbles to give you a full sphere, you might need to adjust the bubbles where the two 1/2 spheres meet.

Yes, Blender has a built-in script that will do this. Make all of your bubbles at the origin as separate objects, and scale them randomly as you would like. Then select all of the bubble objects. Under the object menu in the scripts window there should be a randomize size loc rot script. Change the loc value to the radius you would like the bubbles confined to in BU, then click ok.

Thanks LOTRJ,

I tried the script. Still seems like it’s more of a pain in the neck than it needs to be, but the bubbles do look a tad better and I think I just need to get used to the script. One thing I did notice is that the script seems to ignore any restraints you put on it for X, Y and Z. Buggy script??


OK… Tried a few things and nothing seems to work the way I want it to. I guess I can either write my own script or maybe try something different. I was thinking of having one bubble follow a path and use dupiframes, then make them real??

Anyway… placing them manually and using the randomize script will suffice for now. Here’s an example I came up with. The real one is 1440 x 900 so I can use it as my new desktop background :smiley:

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