this is my last test of materials and particle system. The background is an image. I hope that i could make it CG but i think that my computer will explode. Hope you like and feedback is more than wellcome.

Thanks a lot

pretty neat!

Cool materials! There’s a National Geographic photo of a bubble exploding that you could look at for reference. Rather than dispersing into particles like that, it just sort of vanished in this gradient effect.

Actually I think that the popping is pretty good, only that all the photos I saw weren’t able to freeze the motion (slightly slower shutter speed) so the particles of fluid all had motion blur towards the ripping edge.

But I love the materials they are excellent!


thanks for the replies. I ve seen so many references Photos and everything were different. Also the materials were always changing. I wanted to give a blur motion to the particles but because the particles were so many and i have only 1GB graphic, my computer refused to make render.

They seem to be following the curve of the sphere. I wonder if you could create a vector map from a rotating sphere and apply that to the particles?

The reference Photo that i saw was following the curve of the sphere. If you put in Google bubbles and William Horton Photography you will see it. But i think that you are right. It will be more interresting if i change the rotation of the particles. I will try it.