My first artwork. I thought I’d have a go at making a material for bubbles, and things progressed from that until I had this.

I’m very happy with it, but I still think the concept could be improved. Unfortunately I don’t have time to take it any further, or the artistic talent to pull off a really great composition. If anyone else would like to try and take the idea further, or explore the almost endless possibilities of using bubbles, I could upload a .blend file with the bubbles and material.

It’s too bad you can’t work on this more, because with a few adjustments this image could be almost perfect (the sense of motion is there alright).

What I mean by adjustments is in the vein of adding turbulence to the thin-film material and breaking up what appears to be the impression of a grid in the placement of the bubbles.

Thanks for the encouragement. You’re spot on with some of the changes that would need to be made. I dare say I’ll come back to it and see what I can do at some point, but I’ve got far more pressing things to work on for the time being.