Bucket [Animation]

Right now I am just fixing a few things with the wood breaking then I am gonna try to add some water with metaballs and see how it comes out


fixed the collision better

also try doing a few balls inside and it wasn’t nice you need a super computer for that… wish there was a better way to use the game engine 2 ipo script better

Can you increase the weight and friction more? At the moment the pieces are spreading very far and falling very slow.

Otherwise it looks pretty good.

The weight will not make it fall any faster… Only on impact with lighter objects will it make a difference. Since the rate of an object falling depends on gravity, I’ve increased the gravity to the max, 20. The added less bounce and more friction.


What is being use to simulaye the rigid bodies?

I__ think it looks good. The last one seems to break, fall apart, and settle at a more realistic speed. That must be a very weak bucket, though. :wink:

What is being use to simulaye the rigid bodies?

The Blender GE ^_-. and the bucket actrally breaks way faster its just my computer isn’t fast enough to calculate @ that speed.

Also I plane to add way more to the bucket just tring to get right settings…

Hey Sutabi.What is Blender GE?

=_=… Blender GE is code name to Blender Game Engine…