Bucket Hat Girl

A 6 hour sculpt I did. I’m glad about how well it came out and about all the progress I’m making.
I was quite surprised that I produced this within about 6 hours. It’s probably nothing special to others :sweat_smile: but, knowing where I’m coming from, it’s super special to me. I think it’s my best looking render so far.

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Great piece of work :clap:

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Do you mind giving a breakdown of your workflow for this character?

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Well, it wasn’t a complete pipeline. Just a single day sculpt. 6hrs. I’ll try to explain as best as I can but I’m not so sure about how helpful it’d be. But I’ll still do it. And I’ll upload the timelapse to YouTube probably later this week or more likely next week

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So, I started with making the basic shape of the head. (Getting flat sides with the line project then boxmasking and pulling down the bottom of the face)
Then, using the claystrips brush, I did some basic indications for the brows, nose and mouth just to get the proportions right according to the reference.
Then I pulled out the nose bridge then added some volume to the cheeks and eyes. I then, built up the major forms of the nose and nostrils.
Then I carved in the eyelids and put spheres for eyes. Then I did a bit of cleanup on the face, getting the planes and all that stuff and smooting stuff out.
I built up more volume for the mouth then sculpted the lips. I added a cylinder for the neck then remeshed and sculpted it in place. Then I used the paint brush to give my sculpt some colour while I worked. I added spheres and sculpted them as ears.
Using a cylinder, I modeled the bucket hat.
Then I sculpted some simple hair from a sphere.
The rest is just fixing things, adding things and refining.


Thanks a lot. I will anticipate the video

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Alright, you can check out my YouTube channel for other videos till this one comes out.

The only thing I would critique about it would be to cut down on the glossiness a bit, especially around the eyes. They’re a little too shiny, and it distracts from the work you’ve done underneath.

Other than that, it’s an excellent model.

Thanks so much for the critique.
I’ll take note of that next time. It’s just that I did lazy texturing :sweat_smile:. It was initially meant to be a quickie, so it was the single color attribute data that I used nodes to modify and drive the roughness and subsurface scattering, so, it’s far from perfect. Thanks for the tip. And here I was liking the glossy eyelids :rofl:.

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It’s not so much the eyelids as the eyeballs themselves. The shininess makes them look sorta milky.

But really, this is just me nitpicking otherwise great work.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much :star_struck:

Process Timelapse is out now if you’re interested

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I really like the texture of her face and the general design. Great job!

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Thanks. I’m so glad you like it :blush:. Although, the design itself isn’t mine. I sculpted using a 2D piece by Adxnnart on Twitter/Instagram as reference.