Budapest 3h GMC

Hey everybody! I’ve always wanted to do a game making challenge, and now that I had some time on my hands, I decided to put a small project together. For the setting, I’ve chosen a small slice of my hometown, Budapest.
Everything, including game logic is made entirely in Blender3d.
It’s nothing serious, just some experimenting with the engine. I’m looking forward to read your comments.


WIP video:

Download link:!olJAURIZ!exrGtFFry7WhvM19wlzt3CxGsTULkOvbnX-yPqz9GfE

It looks fantastic in its own simplicity, solitudity and it has a relaxing view overall. You know the game Dear Esther, or Stanley Parable? Those are games which you simply witness a story or create a story, literally. That map you created has a feeling like that, somehow.
Anyway, great experiment! Thanks for sharin’ it.