Budd rdc 1

The last project I did was of a Tiger 1 tank and the thread can be found here:

WW2 Tiger 1 tank

I started another project of a GP7 and just to see what it would be like I started a second project; this Budd RDC car. This project kind of eclipsed the GP7 so I decided to finish it up first before continuing with the GP7. In any rate, the Budd RDC is a diesel self-propelled passenger car though there are variants that included baggage and mail. Meant more for rural areas where it was more efficient to use smaller mass transit types the RDC came about when a previous type of the same kind was discontinued. Budd ended up making about a few hundred of these sold to various railroads. For me, my dad was building a small HO layout when he purchased an HO version (Athearn brand name) and I just love the looks of it. I still have that HO scale Athearn Budd RDC btw. Anyway, I’m a bit further along, here it is at the present time:

Rear View

Front View

Left Profile View

Right Profile View

I got lucky because most versions of this rail car in HO Scale have a much more simplified underneath replication of what’s really down there. Rapido, on the other hand, is very detailed but few shots of its underneath detail could I find. And the cost of the unit is over $300. So this has been a tough project. Here’s what I mean…

Look to the picture in the upper right. This is an old picture when I was first blocking out what parts were where.

Rich Garber

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Latest pics of my RD3 modeling project. This version contains a partial interior, more roof details, and more underneath detail. To add yet is seating, coupler and more underneath detail.

Front view:

Right view: