Buddha head

Hey everyone,

I’ve not done any 3D work for a bunch of years, and having decided to get back into it I’m so happy to have found Blender!
This model is me figuring out the (very cool) Sculpt mode. It’s based on a bronze statue. I welcome any feedback … and any ideas of where to look to learn how to do ears!

Alexander Karasulas


chin / jaw area looks rough. but it is looking cool. Buddha bless you.

Some parts of it might need to be smoothed out a bit, but overall it’s a good representation of Budai.

I think that you have a completed good and exceptional job myself. Budda is often represented in a serious mediative state, and a jovial image is overlooked.

Thanks for your feedback guys :eyebrowlift:

Love the expression and also you’ve captured the overall facial features well. One thing I notice is that parts of the features look a bit ‘blobby’, This is usually a result of cranking up the subdivisions too high before sculpting. The best approach in my experience is to get as much out of each subdivision as possible, first creating the basic shape, then starting to define certain features (nose, eyes, mouth, ears) and finally go to the highest subdivision level and work on fine detail such as wrinkles and such.