I started this last night, mostly to help test/bug-hunt the new mesh editing tools in a practical situation, and also dust off my character modelling skills (haven’t done much of this in a while, so I’m a bit rusty). So far I’ve found a few nasty bugs, most of which were fixed quite soon after they were reported. So remember, if you find bugs, don’t just sit and think ‘darn’, report them, so they can be fixed!

I’m using some photos I took while travelling in south east Asia this year for reference and inspiration. So far, I’ve done the head and roughed out the body shape. He’ll be sitting in either the Vitarka Mudra or Bhumisparsha Mudra position, still haven’t decided yet. Maybe I won’t even finish it at all, if it ends up taking too long (too much to do) :slight_smile:

TODO: Finish shaping the body, hands, feet, hair, orange cloth.



good start. Not all that much to crit right now because I know what kind of modeler you are and I know that anything I’d think of in terms of suggestions would have already passed through your mind :-?

Now next question: Where the hell can I get hold of a copy of blender with those UI tweaks? Looks great

Very nice, the new way of drawing the optimal grid on the subd. surfaces seem to work real well.