Buddhist Cave

Here’s a quick scene i created in Blender 2.83 using Quixel Megascans assets!
My goal was to get familiar with real time rendering using the powerful engine Eevee!
Hope you like it!


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks a lot! Have a great weekend!

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Beautiful scene, I like the textures, light and render. The statue is nicely weathered

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beautyfull !!!

If i can afford a comment, candles lights are too eavy according to daylight light.

Mebe a lil darker ( and more mysterious ) athmosphere with more discrete candle lights would give a better mood ?

as usual criticism is easy and art is tough…
I love it !
good work !

and happy blending :slight_smile:

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beautiful! the walls look highpoly :thinking: did you sculpt them ?

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No those are 3D assets from quixel megascans

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