Buddhist Temple

Nothing much to describe it. I would be glad to know what you think !! (sorry if I offended anyone with this artwork)


I think that buddhists of a certain sect would be very disappointed to see their object of cult exposed like this.

I don’t know, my whole family including me are buddhist

I like it, but it could use some more decór elements, and be overall a little brighter.

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You got it! thanks again with the lamborghini tips you helped me a lot

buddhist is a very generic term, if you and your family are members of THAT sect, you should be warned to not expose the Gohonzon in vain, otherwise a little bit of respect for other cults doesn’t harm.

Dont get me wrong, I’ve nothing against you.

you right I’m sorry

No problems for me, I just felt the need to warn you.

I know that you were prompting for a technical/ artistic comment; on this I agree with @Linkun suggestion about more decors, the proper decors of course, a beckground wall and a stronger ligth concentrated on the object of cult.

Wait lol what’s the deal with this “object of cult”? Is it supposed to be like a secret thing? Sorry for the ignorance, but my Western-filtered knowledge of bhuddism is pretty shallow :grin:

If it’s something u all don’t want to discuss that’s ok, I’m just curious

Btw: candles are usually a lot brighter than we sometimes imagine. Might improve the scene a lot if the candles were a lot brighter, and yellower

yep my dad told me you not supossed to take pics of the Gohonzon but this dude @sourvinos said any exposion is bad so I’m not gonna complain since im pretty new to the buddhist culture

Sorry for the misunderstanding guys!
I just wanted it to make a tribute to the buddhist temples, I didn’t mean AT ALL to offend anyone

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is it better? It’s a little odd because I tried to copy the one i have at home so there it is!

It actually looks really good, the textures are great. Maybe try just adding some lamps, and give them different colors, to make it look a little bit more exciting?

I will try that but right now I’m working in my character I’m just making a update of the arms and stuff you can check it out it’s right here the name is Zach

I added some suns, spots and hemis with yellowish colors, What do you think?