"Buenas y Santas" TV show opening and bumpers

That’s my latest work, opening and bumpers for a TV show.
Everything was made in blender: chromakeying, modeling, animation, compositing and edit.




comments and critiques are welcome. :slight_smile:

Here’s the nodetree, if someone asks for it. :wink:

Questions, comments, suggestions are welcome.

Looks like a fun project, and I like the graphic style you used. Very well done!

Thanks!, it was really fun to work with these guys, and with some planning. :wink:

Nice work.
Some transitions are very original, some others quite vintage and the final result is very cool.

A friendly taste result.

Really cool, I like the cube theme :slight_smile:

As a less skilled artist than yourself, one thing that still stood out to me was the lack of weight of everything in the physics simulation at ~0:40 in the first video, everything seems to “jiggle” a little too long.

great stuff although I noticed a problem
at 00:34 in the first video, the part of the guys stomach becomes transparent

yep. both cases are my fault! :smiley:

Idh1109: i haven’t seen it til today. In the dolly back i have revealed the mapped plane. Thanks for noticing that!

monsterdog: i haven’t the time to tweak the particle settings enough. It doesn’t appear too distracting to me, but, well, could be better. :smiley:


This is amazing work. I have yet to venture in the motion graphics world in Blender but this really gives me hope! :slight_smile:

@Spockless: i threw away AE when i decide to go with Ubuntu, and i’ve learned to do tha same things that i used to, in Blender. Way ahead fun! :smiley: (i know, sometimes was painful, but here i am.)
There’s a lot to learn, everyday. Thanks!