Buffer 2 renders so I may composite them, without saving to file

Is there a way to buffer two renders and use them in compositor, without saving to file and lading them in image nodes?
In the specific case the two would be : a render with shadows and another without, from the same light source

It sounds like Render Layers could be of use here. The Render Layer node in the compositor lets you specify a specific Scene and Render Layer. Add multiple Render Layer nodes to use multiple sources in your compositing.

In the Post Processing tab of “Output” (Blender 2.8), two options are available: “Compositor” and “Sequencer.” So, you can define an image as consisting of a composite which is to be made on-the-fly. (Whereas the usual workflow is to use “file input” nodes as the source of information to be composited.) Sometimes the best way to describe the image that you want is in terms of compositing, and you can do that.

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Ty. Sounds like what I was looking for. Will check