(Buffer shadow) lamps causing lag despite not in layer?

So. My problem: I’ve got a given scene for a game, with character, a small setting, some objects lying around, etc.
Now, in ANOTHER layer, I have four buffer-shadow spotlamps. My issue is that these lamps are somehow causing a massive rasterizer performance hit, dropping a normally 60fps game to 30 or below… EVEN WHEN THEY AREN’T IN THE LAYER THE GAME TAKES PLACE IN. You’ll start the game and you’ll have 30fps immediately. If you go and delete the lamps in the editor and then go into the game scene and start it, it’s back up to 60. Am I missing something?

I don’t think this is normal; I created a new test .blend and put a massive amount of buffer lamps in one layer and started the game in another without any performance impact, but if the lamps were in the same layer it would drop to 10fps.


In my experience, they only occupy ram when they’re not visible, not any processor time. Care to upload the blend with the problem?

Here you go:
If it isn’t lagging, just try going to layer 2 and duplicating the lights a bit; I’ve already done so, but your computer might not feel the hit mine did, as mine’s not the most powerful.

Sounds to me like somethings gone funny in the blend, I’d consider remaking it from scratch.
Or if its completely white/completely black, you may have run out of videoram

The solution to videoram is fewer large textures or fewer lights. But I would be surprised on such a small scene.
So, what size are your textures. If its above 1024 it’s too big. 1024x1024x8x8x8 = 536 mbits = 67 mb graphics ram. Your graphics card can support ~7 such textures. I tend to use 512x512 -> 17mb -> 30 textures on your machine.

If you need big textures, consider overlapping small ones.

Yes, you can use the light script, with or without creditation.

Thanks! Also, no, I always use low-res… usually btw. 8x8 to 32x32, max 128x128. That explains that particular test going ballistic, though… I made a lot of lamps to stress-test XD And yeah, I guess I’m gonna have to go digging :l shoot. Thanks for the response!