Bug? - Blender crashes in weight-paint mode

Blender 2.34 seem to crash a lot when I’m working in weights-paint

I don’t paint the weights on, but I like to use it too check upon
my named weights when skinning.

Otherwise it doesn’t crash and I can work for months, but
crashes frequently in Weight Paint mode

can you tell us about your system?

poor implementations of opengl has caused many crash bugs, but many people don’t seem to use weight paint so this could be a legitmate bug.

in general, intel cards are particularly bad about crashing, but they preform better and do not crash with the latest drivers and in 16 bit color mode. for most graphics cards, the same is true [but some prefer 24 or 32 bit color mode]

so, what os, graphics card

It’s one badass blender system (trust me…I work commercially
with blender every day). I have access to virtually any graphics card
so unfortunately it ain’t the card.

but here goes:

The main system I use at work is:

  • Windows 2000 professional, SP 4
  • Nvidia FX 5900 MSI
  • Kingston 400 mhz dual channel 2 Gigabyte ram
  • XP 2800+ processor

We also have Intel and IBM PowerPC systems (Mac os X)

Blender have worked just fine in everyday production for modelling
mascot’s & product visualisation.

But, it seem to crash on weight painting. Seems like a crystal clear bug
to me - because it’s quite repetitive, happens after 3-10 minutes of
work with the paint-mode on while switching back/forth from edit-mesh
mode to paint-weights mode to check if the areas have been
correctly weighted.

I get occasional random crashes in weight paint mode too.
I don’t get them doing anything else, though, weight paint is the only “paint” function I use often.
It could be an internal bug
It could be that this mode uses some openGL command, mode or combinaiton of the above that cause opengl probs.
unfortunately its quite random (apart from weight paint)
gentoo linux 2.6.5 and 2.4.23 kernels
nvidia geforce 3ti500, geforce go 5200, ati radeon mobility 7500
amd and intel processors ( athlon classic, p4, PM)
crucial, crucial and toshiba laptop memory.