Bug? Blender doesn't save the Loc Coordinates

Steps to reproduce:

1: Open the .blend file. You see what it shouldn’t look like
2: Select the human.
3: Press ALT+GKey to set the Loc Coordinates to zero. This is what it should look like.
4. Save the blend file.
5. Reopen it: The Loc coordinates changed.

Is it a bug? I don’t get it.
Im using Blender 2.48.


human.blend (238 KB)

Open the NLA editor, delete the key on frame 5. Move the green slider back to the start.

Thank you very much! It works…

Exactly. When you’re doing animation, the animation IPOs determine the location, scale, rotation and so-forth of the object (according to whatever keyframes and/or actions or what-not you have set).

When you reopen the file, it’s (of course…) positioned at “frame #X,” and what you’re seeing in the various windows is the object as it would be “on frame #X.” If you move it but do not (re-)set a keyframe (or what-have-you…), then your changes go-away when you change frames (or reload), because the animation system has dutifully performed its calculations all over again.

It definitely qualifies as a " :ba: problem." (Hint: Attaching a padded cushion to the nearest wall or fence-post will definitely save your forehead from needless bruises and lacerations.)