[Bug?] Bones(Armatures) disappear if you move them to a different layer.

How to: Take the bones, press M, move them to another layer.

Try to find them.

I’m so dissapointed, I’ve been working on this model for so long. How can I “re-appear”, “un-hide”, or “show” them again? =(

Extra Info: I may have done it while in pose mode, if that’s even possible.

? can u post a .blend?

Alright brb, if I don’t post it now I’ll post it tommorow.

Ok, it should be on the second layer.

Also a warning: NSFW if you turn on the body. I haven’t gotten to the cloth making part.

The folder you accessed is currently empty.
Please check the link or contact the user who sent you this folder.

dude, just browse through the bone layers, they are not “gone” and by no way is this a bug. Just see what BONE layer, not normal layer, they are in, and if you want them back in layer 1, just M to move them back.

Thanks, I’ll try that out ^

I’ll have to figure out how to cycle through the bone layers.

Ok I figured it out, thanks FreakyDude! =)