Bug: Can't View Edits of Flagged Posts

There’s a bug in the forums where if someone withdraws a post that has been flagged but hasn’t been deleted yet(still in the 24 hour window), you cannot view the edits of the post to see the original post. I’d like to be able to see what was said but the view edits button doesn’t appear after you unhide the post. This would be one recent example.

I think that’s by design; the user withdrew this post himself - it wasn’t flagged. As such it makes sense that the content is hidden from other users. Moderators can still access the post history.

It shows as flagged to me(I didn’t flag it) and it’s still within the 24 hour window and I’ve been able to view what was written in other posts that were withdrawn until that window closes. Here’s a screenshot of how it appears to me:

THAT is a bug, I’ll report it!

Update: no, it was not; the message WAS flagged and then removed by Metin. So in there’s no bug.

But isn’t it supposed to allow views until the 24 hours are up? I know I’ve done this on plenty of other withdrawn posts. It’s only 6 hours since it was originally posted and then withdrawn, presumably.

I don’t think so.

So here’s an example of a withdrawn post that hasn’t been deleted yet and is not flagged. I can see and click the little pencil edit icon and see what they originally posted. I guess if you wanted to test it, you could remove the flag on my original link and I can report whether I have the view edits button. It just seems to me that it’s a bug in the way the post is displayed after it’s unhidden and doesn’t show the edits button.

Then it’s probably the combination of flagging AND deleting. It seems to make sense to me, I can’t prioritise this, sorry.

OMG, I’ve broken Blender Artists with a bad joke! :open_mouth::smiley:

Although I meant the post as black humor, in hindsight I realized it was a slightly inappropriate joke, so after it turned out to be flagged I decided to delete it, not knowing I would tickle a possible bug with that. :slightly_smiling_face: I hope the post has some use after all, by exposing the bug.

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