Bug character.


there is a reason for the simpilicty of him.

simplicity is beauty.


CMON need feed back

Looks like a good character, except im not too sure about the ‘set smooth’ on his abdomen, it seems to make the shading to exaggerated.

tahts the lighting
i had it above in a bad spot. Plus i might do a toon or shadeless shader…

Lol, your character appear quite nice :slight_smile: This is not a bad extraterrestre :smiley:

Awww … he’s cute! Reminds of the movie Ants but way cuter. Can’t wait to see more. Animation?

Hey HEADCHEESE can you post a render please in toon and another in shadeless so we see which works better with the character

i think i will stick with regular shaders (oren-nayar, blinn)

yeah i agree stick with oren and blinn

That is looking good, I like the smoke. The ash tray needs some grooves for where the cigarettes rest. What type of shading have you applied?

what the hell soren theres no smoke. wtf are u talkin about??? :smiley:

LOL, :smiley: :smiley: wrong topic lol, rofl, soren i think u wanted to post that in the jazz or blues bar thread. lmao

animation test. not much.