Bug Check: can someone verify that auto-zoom/ctr doesn't work when

If you’ve:
Opened a New Window;
Set both the New and Old to QUAD VIEW (this isn’t necessary for the bug but it makes the difference clearer):
Load some objects;
Try to use NUMPAD-’.’ to autocntr the current object;

Autocenter/zoom works in the original/old window in quad view, but doesn’t seem to work in the New Window (quad view). Which is inconvenient.

If this is corroborated I’ll report it as a bug. Thanks.

(THAT IS: the window WITHOUT the menus (the new window) is the one that does not autocenter in Quad View.)
(EDIT2: It may have more to do with the External Monitor handling than which Window it is: it seems to work either way here, as long as I’m using the attached monitor versus the external monitor. Which is quite unfortunate, as that means it’s very unlikely to be corrected.)

2.83.2 on linux it works on both screens for me.