Bug check: Midpoint knife cut in Quad View

When I find a potential bug in Blender, I like to build a quick community video to see if it is real or imagined. Here is a 90 second video of a problem with 2.57a and knife cuts in quad view. Please have a look and see if you agree it is a bug. If we concur, I’ll raise a defect report.

Video: http://vimeo.com/22751452


In the same circumstances I get the same result and also with the multi cut option. Also when using the options from the F6 panel. This is on the OSX version.


Indeed, this seems like a bug to me. I was not only able to reproduce the problem, but I occasionally ended up with the following cuts when following the exact same steps:

As with your example, it still works as expected when not in quad view. I’m on Vista 32 bit.


Thanks guys. I have raised defect ID 27129 for tracking.


I seemed come across this same bug. I dont’ know how to Screen shot this since to do make bug work, everything I try do is deselected

I checked the bug at the Blender bug tracker this morning. Although the comment posted didn’t mean anything to me, it seems that the developers have found some issue/problem and hence the bug appears to be valid which is 1/2 the battle in getting it resolved. It seems to be quad view related.


I just did some tests. I’m in quad view. I add a circle and fill it. I rotate it so the faces are facing me in the “Front” view. I do a knife cut, click on “Midpoints” and it works fine. The top, right and camera views have issues when in quad mode.

yes the same proplem with me in quad view
did you try to make loop cut and slide with cone ?

the same proplem still in blender 2.58