[BUG?] Does your blender 2.75 crash with user preference?

Sorry to post this here but I just wanna confirm if this is a bug that happens to everybody else or just an isolated incident on my machine(wndows 7, nvidia 750ti)

Whenever I try accessing the user preference menu whether through the file menu or viewport or hotkeys(CTRL+ALT+U), it will always end up crashing and exit, also the “system info” command will result in crashing as well. I knew intel onboard graphics can cause crashes but even years back then I could still reach the menu from the viewport, now I’m totally cut off from it :frowning:

I got some strange crashes when importing old user prefs such as key configs or custom window arangements and then doing things like add scene. Reseting all prefs to “factory” default and setting the custom controls and such manually made the problem go away.

I assume you can back up the user prefs so that it can be restored after the factory reset, right? Or do you have to continue from the factory settings and manually go through everything again?

The one time I did it I had to reset everything by hand. After that everything has been fine though. You could try switching to a different window arangement first, And see if the problem is still there.

Thanks for the tips, I guess it’s something I’ve had configured that’s not working properly at the moment