Bug fixing on the agenda?


With a large amount of crucial bugs still to be fixed, does anyone know if the Blender Foundation will be investing (again) in bug fixing for the Blender Game Engine?


Afaik bug fixing in the GE is only dealt with by those people actually working on the GE, not the bf.

What bugs are you struggling with, we may be able to find a way around it.

Don´t know but IMHO Blender would do good investing on BGE. Blender has the oportunity of bein a complete suite for every indie developer but as we can see they prefer make films. And it´s ok, they are completly free of doing whatever they want, I just could say thank you to the Bllender team even we don´t have the same vision.

I believe the work done by brita_ in terms of cleaning up and fixing some of the physics bugs are due to go into trunk soon.

Also, it seems like most of the biggest bugs these days have been with the libLoad()/libNew() functions, I think that area in general may need a full rework as it apparently has had issues since Campbell first developed it for 2.49 (an impression that not much thought went into a proper integration). This being from how Moguri has tried to fix it in the past, but new issues keep coming up, perhaps better to rip the whole thing out and do a new implementation.

It would indeed be nice for Moguri to get another part-time contract with the BF for more bugfixing, but it’s possible that the bugfixing rate will be slower until then since he’s back to working in his spare time.

cough fulltime

With GSoC coming to an end and me no longer working on contract work, the BGE bug tracker is likely to get little attention. That being said, if you could list what you believe to be crucial bugs, I could try to find some time to look at them.

The BF tends to be more focused on the FBX exporter - improving Blender compatibility with other game engines.

But as said before, the BF has the GPL to contend with here so you shouldn’t expect miracles right away.

It’s not just those using the BGE where some argue the GPL gets in the way, it can be seen as getting in the way of the hopes of people who would even just use Blender as an asset creation tool. The best hope for Blender as of present would be either a new wave of development of the BGE or the integration of another open-source engine that is GPL-compatible, but more permissive with commercial game sales (like Agoose77’s plan to replace the existing BGE with Panda 3D in a way where it will be easy and straightforward to port projects over).

In a few days I’ll start a thread about some bugs. I can’t say if there could be a workaround with some of the bugs, but am almost certain most are too crucial for settling with a workaround. I also prefer to wait for a fix instead of spending time on messy solutions, even if it would take a year. I don’t have a deadline or anything as my objective is to create a game as a hobby. Maybe later, if I succeed in making a good game I’ll start thinking about it professionally.

If that’s the case, I’m worried that I won’t be able to use LibNew, LibLoad and LibFree for my project after all. Thanks for sharing the history of it. Now I better understand what the issue is.

I must say, Moguri. You’re such a great guy! But I wouldn’t want you to feel pressured in any way. As already mentioned, I’ll start a thread with just a few I believe to be crucial bugs. But once again, I don’t expect you to fix them, even if you would agree that they are crucial.

So it seems that the Blender Foundation isn’t investing in bug fixes for the Blender Game Engine at the moment. I’m considering to write a (personal) letter to get a clearer picture of their prospectives.

On this, I can’t see this bug here being too hard to fix for starters.

I have noticed before in the commit logs that a number of bugs have been fixed with just a few lines of code, I’m sure there’s more of them that are the same way.

Yeah that bug is quite bad when running armature animations as it also messes up your normal maps that you baked even if its a smooth shaded mesh. Guess it re-triangulates the mesh when it gets skinned? which causes your baked normals to no longer match your mesh anymore.