BUG having multiple Constraints for single bone... HELP!!!

Hi! I have a character rigged that uses a Staff as weapon.

The main hand that holds the Staff is the Right hand, and his left hand can grab the staff and follow the movement at the moment I want.
The Constraints I have are this:
-Staff = 2 Child of Constraints, one Follows Right hand and another follows Left hand.
-Left Hand= 1 Child of Constraint that follows the Staff.

In this image you can see how Right hand controls the Staff and Left Hand follows Staff

But when I change the Staff to follow left hand it offsets weirdly, and I dont know how to fix it :frowning:

If anyone has and idea Please HEEELP!!!

My guess is that the problem stems from the weirdness associated with the Set/Clear Inverse buttons on the Child Of constraint (either that or there’s some wacky dependency cycle involved).

Perhaps you should try using the Copy Transforms constraint instead of using Child Of. You should be able to get similar behavior out of that.

The problem with “Copy transforms” Constraint is that is not the same behavior, it copies position and rotates in the same angle that the Parent bone, but doesn’t moves when the parent bone rotates mantaining the same distance, it stays in the same place. That’s why I need this Child Of Constraint instead a Copy Transforms.

I was just able to fix the problem just momentary, but is not a definitively solution. I just erased all Constraints and add a Constraint for Left hand. and I will use that file just to render the frames where the character grabs the Staff with his left hand, and then use the old one when grabs it with right hand.


I agree with Fweeb, to me child of is better used when animating, but I try to avoid them when rigging.
you can put an intermediate bone if you want to change hand position with copy transform.

instead of having :
the hand is constrained to the staff

you do :
the hand is parented to a bone that is constrained to the staff.

Thanks Fweeb and sozap, I’ll try what you say!