Bug in 2.4 particle system?!

I was going through this tutorial last night in 2.4:
Fireworks Tutorial
And I got some really strange behavior. Everytime I would go into and out of Edit mode, the particle were being recalculated with some sort of ghost settings that had them blowing out of the top and bottom or out of the front and black, or even coming out of the sphere in a swirl. Like I said, really strange behavior.

This would happen everytime I would go into and out of Edit mode, and it was also happening when I was changing the original Force settings. For instance, I would finally get the particles to behave properly, then change the Norm Force from .300 to .350 and the particles would behave as I listed above. Go back to .300 and they would not go back to normal, but would show one of the ‘strange behaviors.’

So I went back into 2.37a and everything worked as it should. I have experienced the same behavior on Mac and Linux, and they work in 2.37a. Something even more odd is that when I change the particles to strands, they look beautiful, and behave as expected. In fact, I could not screw up the strands. But turn off the strands, and crazy particle behavior time.

Could I get some of you Blender(ers) to check out the blend file and confirm this behavior before I report it as a bug, please? TIA.


Anyone? Beuller… Bueller… b e u l l e r . . .

I can’t really reproduce your problems. But it might have something to do with your start and end frame of the explosion being the same. I changed the endframe of the effect from 25 to 26 and it looked a lot better.

The tutorial I was following specifically mentioned making the start and end frames the same so it was an expolsion. I will try ending on the next frame and see what happens.

EDIT: That is what it was. Strange that it would work with 2.37a and not 2.4. So FYI all, don’t start and end a particle system on the same frame. :smiley: