bug in 2.4 ?

The subsurf controls group is missing in Mesh tools tab. Is it moved somewhere else? I’m talking about Win version, both zip or installer. I’ve innstalled it under wine and looks like i have the same problem. Gotta try Lin version, too. My sys: AMD 1800+, video: NVIDIA Ge2TI 64Mb, RAM:512Mb.

It’s under the “Modifier” tab in the Editing Menu (F9).


Is anyone having any problems with the proportional editing tools with a Linux version of Blender? I was wondering if it is just be me or my process of modeling that produced the errors that I’m getting?

Here’s what I did. I modeled a tree branch with multiple nodes of leaves branching from a stem system. Instead of modeling each leaf by itself, I only modeled one then duplicated it in edit mode for as many other leaves and branch segments that I needed. I added these segments to the main stem with the “Bridge Faces/…” script. My modeling process was easy as pie. Then I turned on the proportional editing tool to start tweaking the leaves and branches on the stem system. I experienced a screen freeze. I had to restart Blender. After I exported the object and imported it as an .obj file it was free from error.

I’m still not ruling out any of my own quirks in my compiling process. Maybe it’s just my Linux system. But the same problem was present when I ran the file with the Games Knoppix DVD with 3d graphic driver support.

This problem is not present in Windows so…

As long as I have used Blender from time to time I have had one quirk or two. They are cleared up so quickly by myself changing my workflow for a time or a code fix that I hardly remember them.

So, here’s the quirk I’ve found in 2.40 on Windoze XP:

Take the default cube, add a cylinder in front view, scale it to fit within the cube, but extend beyond it (length-wise.) Apply a boolean difference modifier to create a hole in the cube using the cylinder mesh. Then, with the cube selected, tab to enter edit mode and delete the top face (face only) then tab again to exit edit mode - blender crashes for me every time.

This happen to anyone else?

(Don’t know much about bug tracker… so, no, I’ve not “reported” it…)

tryed your error and it happened here too.
But after applying the boolean modifier and erasing the top face, nothing happen, blender doesn’t crash.

I think the crash happens because boolean modifiers only work for closed meshes. You will notice that if you select two objects (any of them unclosed meshes) and hit w to get a menu, then select a boolean action, it gives an error saying that you can’t do it.

What your are doing in your example is applying a boolean operation that updates in real-time and then unclosing one of the meshes, which leads to a crash. Once you apply the modifier, it doesn’t matter because there are no real-time boolean operations being calculated. It’s not a bug persay but it would be better if Blender locked any meshes from adding/removing elements that had boolean modifiers. For the time being, avoid editing meshes with boolean modifiers.

It is a known bug, was fixed with the non realtime, but the coder appeared to have forgot for the realtime, will be fixed in the bugfix release.