Bug In 2.42 Rc2

This is a report of a wierd bug in 2.42 RC2. My mom didn’t want me to create an account on the official bug tracker(go figure), so I’m reporting it here.

I started up blender, instead of the usual cube, camera, etc…the 3d window was completly empty(except for the widgets and cursor), and when I clicked the middle mouse button, the widgets and cursor started multiplying themselves all over the screen…when I clicked the lmb, they all disappeared, and blender went back to it’s normal start-up screen.
Here is a picture of the bug:http://www.uploadfile.info/uploads/e31abf8e7c.jpg

Do you have an ATI card ? :slight_smile:

Can you reproduce the error? … If not, then it’s not much use reporting a “one time only” event.

Have you changed your default settings and saved them? Blender will open that file (b.blend) when it starts.