Bug in blender?

See if this is just me or a bug!

Add a cube, Tab
add another cube, Tab
right click on one cube
Hold shift and right click the other cube.

When you right click with shift held in blender crashes with what i assume is a null reference:-

'The instruction at ‘0x000000000’ referenced memory at “0x000000000”

Ok, heres another one:-

Create a cube, tab.
Create a cube, tab.
Press B
Select both cubes

0x000000 again

These may not be the normal way you do these things, but i’m coming new to blender and it just keeps crashing. It shouldn’t crash because you pressed the wrong key.



right click inside the cubes vertices on any view other than camera


Works fine in linux.

I’ve been getting that exact error in windows in many of my apps, and I’ve seen lots of posts around the net about stuff just like it.

On board graphic card
Crappy openGL drivers


wHAT vERSIOn of bLENDEr anD wHAT v. OF wINDOWS…ME? 95? NT? XP? 2K?..iM USINg 2.33 AND HAVe wiN2k AND IM nOT gETTING tHIS eRROr…

I suggest you get your keyboard fix OR start typing like someone normal.


I hate it when people type in alternating caps. I mean what’s the freaking point, it’s just annoying.