Bug in "DataBrowse"?

I am using the official windows build 2.42a on a windows 2000 PC.

I have encountered some strange behavior with the “DataBrowse”.

My first issue was that I was trying to select an action IPO Datablock using DataBrowse. I would select the Datablock I wanted, choose “select datablock”, and the wrong datablock would be selected.

I realized that what was happening is that it seems to be showing the wrong names of the datablocks. If I selected the one that is 4th in the list, even though the name might be “ObIpo.002”, it would select “ActIpo.004”. Or the first item is named “ActIpo.017”, but when I choose it, it has actually selected “ActIpo.001”.

Also it doesn’t list all of the IPO Datablocks that I have. If I am in DataBrowse and I choose the window type as “File Browser” it shows all of the IPO Datablocks, but at this point I am no longer browsing for data, so I can’t select the one I want.

I have tried playing with all of the buttons on the header when using the DataBrowse feature.

I tried to recreate this in a simple file, I created one armature, a couple of IPO DataBlocks, then I continued to duplicate one until I was given the “DataBrowse” option. When I selected it no DataBlocks were shown!

Has anyone else encountered this?