Bug Lady

Hey guys, here’s my latest work:

Rendered in Cycles.
Thank you for commenting :wink:

Nice mix of skills used in this. Any reason you chose not to add some texture to her human face? just seems out of place being So smooth.

Well, there is a bit of coloring used on her face, but it’s minimal. I just wanted her to look very smooth and peaceful, but I guess I should’ve made the coloring more clear…

I like it! but what is that red thingie that she’s standing on?

I have no idea what you are talking about :slight_smile:

She is a mosquito so take a guess. Also it isn’t her foot

I compliment you on the creativity of this piece. Her hair, the sweater, and the overall modeling and texturing are well done. I guess the only place it falls short for me, is I think I would rather see her with her eyes open giving some strange look, rather than like she/it is sleeping.

But again, great creativity.

Agreed on the creativity. Like it more coming back to look at it.

Am I the only one whose reaction is “wat” - after seeing this? http://0.tqn.com/h/humor/1/H/m/M/-/-/Wat.jpg

I believe this is the most common reaction :slight_smile:
Here’s a short explanation: Imagine that you are in love, but she has absolutely no idea, she doesn’t even know you exist. You feel as if she is sucking the life out of you, as she is just making you more miserable. Your self esteem is at the very bottom, so you cannot do anything about it. … … or something along the lines…