(Bug?) Mirror always flips the normals

If you mirror something with Ctrl+M the normals will always end up getting flipped too. I’m just curious if it’s supposed to be this way or if it’s just a quirk of the tool. If so, it should automatically flip back the normals because EVERYONE ends up doing that anyways.

I smell a quirky bug.

Well, you are creating a mirror. If I’m facing west, looking into a mirror, my reflection is facing east, right?
What you’re wanting is ‘symmetry’ which is a little different. Try the mirror modifier, or select all and go Mesh -> Symmetrize, which is just fun to say. Symmetrize…

Actually no, your reflection is facing west too.

Regardless of that, nobody wants backward normals. The tool should automatically flip them back, should it not?

Yeah I would have to agree. I usually do s x -1, and it flips the normals. It’s just something I know I’ll have to do. I think it is intentional behavior, so not a bug, just annoying.

There isn’t any mirror tool under CTRL+M.
There is only scale in x,y,z axis. Better use N panel / scale, for this.
If there was a mirror tool, it should not flip the normals.
It isn’t a bug. It is a nonsense among many others in blender.

EDIT: I’m gonna ask devs to create a mirror tool, a real one.

Mirror (Ctrl+M) works normally in object mode, but in edit mode it flips face normals.
I reported it over a year ago: https://developer.blender.org/T39150

Actually it flips the normals in both. Use ctrl+A to zero the transforms.

I understand why it does this flipping, but I don’t understand why…
1, Like michalis said we don’t have a real mirror tool.
2, When “scaling” lower than zero, the normals don’t automatically flip back for you.

have to agree that it does a math mirror
but not practical from a modelling point of view on the normal

something should be done to at least
may be add checkbox to invert normals
and default should be inverted

not certain if need 2 options here !

get on occasion same problem when you join 2 objects
some normals get inverted some how!

happy bl