Bug? Or, am I doing something wrong?

When using this rig, or any other rig for that matter, I get a strange result when doing a full scene copy. The facial drivers stop working in the new scene (scene 2, in the attached file).

You can duplicate this by doing a Full Copy of scene 1 and then attempting to manipulate the facial drivers.

I have literally a few hours of experience with scenes, so maybe this is a feature, or it’s something I’m doing wrong.

Any insight?



example.blend (1.53 MB)

If my questions seem stupid, please forgive me because this is touching on areas I’m not really familiar with. How are you copying the scene? If I delete everything in scene two, and just copy and paste (Ctrl-C then Ctrl-V) everything from scene 1 into scene two, it works correctly for me.

In your file the drivers in scene 2 are still pointed at the controllers from scene 1. They can be fixed by going through them and setting them each to the .001 copy of the control rig. Still, like I said this is kind of new ground for me(working with multiple scenes) so I don’t know what the proper setup really is.

Okay! I got it… Hit the plus sign, choose “Full Copy” and the new scene is broken. That looks like a bug to me. Select all, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V from scene1 to scene2 seems to work.

That does indeed work. I’ll do it that way, from now on.