Here is proof of the bug that has been murdering my brain.


when it is fixed I can continue!

added objects share compound physics data this as been my issue.


Proof.blend (477 KB)

No offense, but the reason why your bugs aren’t getting fixed is because you’ve been making a real mess of the bugtracker lately.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to re-evaluate and work on your communication skills before you attempt to report a bug again, as you have demonstrated an inability to provide clear, concise, and understandable information that might actually be slowing down progress in terms of fixing BGE bugs (your complex .blend files with an abundance of code lacking clear comment messages are not helping either)

So why not practice on making your messages look less code-like and/or cryptic and let those with more bughunting experience handle the reports (and yes, this also implies that you can post here in the forum so we can help you narrow it down and someone can report it on your behalf). The trick here is to not type in your usual way which you can understand, but type in a way that others can understand.

I have been trying to solve this for a LONG time.

I finally understand what is wrong,

objects sharing data, that should be unique,

that is not hard to understand,

I would have a dialog with the developers, but they choose to ignore me, in IRC.

without a dialog I am guessing.

You are misunderstanding what Ace Dragon is trying to say. Your style, grammar, diction, choice of wording and vocabulary all affect the way that someone perceives and understands you. By being unclear or uninformative to the subject matter at hand, you are spinning the topic off on a tangent, i.e you are going off-topic, therefore eliminating the point of the conversation/chat/post/bug report etc.
Quite simply, it’s like trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language if what they are saying is unclear. It’s understandable that English may (not sure if it is) not be your first language, however you can still learn to be more concise and clear.

Here’s some stuff to help:

  1. Write in paragraphs. Don’t double break between lines (you do this all the time for some reason). Try to keep each paragraph to one subject matter.
  2. Use bullet or number lists. These are some of the most useful things. You can explain a process or list items in an effective and easy-to-read manner.
  3. Use understandable language. Don’t use (as Ace Dragon said) cryptic language. Use English.
  4. Draw diagrams in paint then embed them rather than drawing an image with text; it’s just plain easier to understand.
  5. Try not to seem like you are spamming. Rather than posting twice, edit the post and add the information to it. It saves moderators’ time, and readers who are trying to get through the abundance of posts.
  6. Make sure everything you write is relevant to your point.
  7. ALWAYS check your spelling before posting.

Mean no offense, just some friendly advice to help you with your English, productivity and communication skills.
Have a good one!

EDIT: Here’s an example of how you could have written your initial post, which would be easier to read, friendlier and less frustrating to understand:

Hey everyone,
I am currently experiencing a bug: Objects are sharing compound physics data when added.
This is what is happening:

  1. Add the object.
  2. (etc.)
  3. (etc.)
  4. Conclusion as to what the results are.

Here is a .blend containing only the relevant code and setup to try replicate the issue I am encountering.