Bug Report/Feature Request/I don't know -- Object Name text clipped too much

So, I want to display the names of my objects in 3d View. I go to Object (F7), go under the Draw tab, the Draw Extra section, and click Name. Now my object’s name shows up at the objects’ center points. Now here’s the problem:

I want to fill my screen with all the objects in the Solid shading mode with all the names displayed next to them, but when zoomed in that far, all of the text of the object names are swallowed/clipped by the objects themselves, and you can’t read the text at all. This defeats the purpose of having the Name option when to see the names, I have to zoom so far back that I lose all important details of objects.

So, is there a solution that already exists? I read http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Reference/Buttons/Object_Context and searched here to no avail. My suggestion would be to give users the option of rendering the text x-ray style on top of the objects - similar to how the pink Object Center dot renders x-ray style on top of the object. I’ve attached images displaying my issue. Thanks in advance for your help!