Bug reporting for 2.40?

I have looked on the offical Blender site and I haven’t found any links to bug reporting, and neither did I see this here, so I guess I post it here and hope that somebody can point me in the right direction.

I’m running Blender 2.40 on Radeon 9800XT, P4 2.0 GHz 1GB RAM.

When I switch into face select mode with the FKEY, then some of my menubars dissapear. You can see this on the screenshot below. The main menu bar and the invidiual for the upper views are gone.


When I move the mouse around the menubars are coming and going as you can see on this other screenshot. Here some of them are there again, while others dissappeared instead. The flickering seems to happen whenever I cross over a view boundary into the other.


this problem happens only in face select mode. At least I haven’t seen it in other modes that I used. I also restarted Blender and it persists whenever I go to face select. When I brush with the mouse over the gone menubars, the individual items refresh and are usuable, so it seems to be a drawing problem. I didn’t have this problem with 2.73a.

The scene is pretty simple, but I can provide the Blenderfile, in case it might help.

Are you using Windows XP?

:-? I’m not too sure if it’s right but in Windows XP, well on one of my computers, the Blender seems to be stuffed. Like when I press the space button to bring up the options and commands, the arrows all flickers, like they appear when you put your mouse over them.


The saem happens with me sometimes.
Also when i press Alt + A then sometimes it flickers like mad everywhere…and same with me, i use Windows XP

Blender Bug Tracker

I’m using Windows 2000.
I post a report on the bug tracker. Thx.