bug test

Somethings making blender crash on my computer, its worth raising cos I dont know if its my computer or blender.

open 2.5 - click the window type button so it stays down, move mouse away to blank spot, click, and blender will crash.

second that, funny bug :slight_smile:

Confirmed here. Please add a bug report here: https://projects.blender.org/tracker/?atid=498&group_id=9&func=browse

I`m not registering so no…

Okay, I’ve done it: Incident: 20207

But next time, please consider registering, this is a community effort, and your data is kept private anyway.

I get a crash if I scrub the timeline while blender is rendering an animation.

thats wasnt the point, if the people at project blender havent learnt that people arent going to register when they find a bug, then they just dont get the information.

There goes another one. where the bug report sticky? oh there isnt one. average user doesnt even know about the project blender website.

If registering to report a bug for a software that people develop and give you freely is too much trouble, than you don’t deserve bug fixes.

From the top menu: Help -> Report a Bug
From the blender.org website: In the navigation bar at the bottom -> Report a Bug

There’s no excuse.


Its true, I dont care that much about fixing blender. If everybody else is happy to register then I`ll leave it to them.

Actually - you DID care, you even cared enough to post here 3 times, this is what we call effort, and thanks to you for this, we only want you to direct your effort where it will do more good, where you will have the devs. attention.

If you didn’t care - you would not even have posted this, let alone 3 posts arguing about it, don’t get me wrong - we’re thankful that you (and others) are doing this - without it - we would not move as fast forward as we do. But we’ve created the bug-tracker for a reason, it just makes everything easier for you and us! :wink:

I know I’d much prefer the devs spend their time deleting spam from the bug tracker than actually fixing bugs.

You care enough to flood the other thread with feature requests to turn blender into a 3dmax (or whatever) clone.

I posted one post here so someone can fix it. I may do it again, I may not. depends how I feel.

Another stupid comment from yourself, I posted a request in the 2.5 feature request thread, for the modo rotate. When I was eventually told that one had to register to make a feature request to be listened to, I gave up.

Honestly mrjynx, you are making a fool of yourself. Considering you had to register (there, I said the dreaded word) to this forum to be able to post.

You, sir, make me laugh

Btw, thanks to “your” report, this is fixed in current svn

“When I was eventually told that I had to go into the store to buy something, I gave up”

cough! tosser cough!

AFAIK there’s isn’t even an official place to post feature requests even if you were to register on the project website.

The only way to be ‘listened to’ is to either convince someone who has the skills to take on your wanted feature or do it yourself (and then convince someone who has the skills to review your changes and commit it to the source tree).

Both, quite coincidently, rely on not antagonizing the devs.