[BUG] The "Bricky Nodes" addon that comes with "UBGE" is not enabled


Addon can only be enabled after loading and installing from the repository

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This is not a bug… Notice that the other Logic Nodes addon is not enabled by default either and is by design.

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I think we need to update the build to use the newer version of the addon it appears

this happens as the development is independant

you can copy / paste the script in yourself as you have mentioned
I will poke exxil @lordloki_reloaded

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Yeah, i was doing something wrong during the upbge addons updating process. Thanks for reporting.
Edit: It seems something relative to master version of the addon. I reported the issue to IzaZed

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New to UpBGE. What do Bricky Nodes do? Is there any documentation or videos?
Also… it’s definitely not working with the latest UpBGE.
I get this error:

I just downloaded UPBGE from the web site, and also downloaded the latest Bricky Nodes from Iza Zed GitHub repo, and then copy/replace the files to the addon folder, and it worked for me.


Hope it does for you too :slight_smile:

Downloading the UPBGE 0.30 is also relatively outdated. UPBGE 0.31 (experimental) is the most up to date build.

And about what does this addon, it just converts or changes the way to work with logic bricks.

Is quite confusing having everything in just one column, making hard to follow conections between bricks. This addon allows you to use the old logic bricks (in a new logic brick editor in the Editor Type) into something like nodes, not properly nodes but I think it makes easier to work with lots of bricks than before.

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Yes… I’ve always loved logic bricks, but hated the interface. I’m excited to check this out.

I just got it working in 3.0.
I don’t want to jump the gun here… but I’ve been waiting for this for years. This is so sweet.
Thank you so much for this.
I’m never looking back at the old logic brick interface ever again.

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Okay… first question:
I just noticed that duplicating or copy and pasting creates linked versions. Meaning, you change a parameter in one node, it also changes it in the other. Is there a duplicate unique option or might this be a bug?
Adding to note: This must be a bug. I tried duplicating nodes in some of the other node windows (Material / Logic Nodes) and this issue doesn’t seem to happen in them.