Bug Tracker at 600+ !?!?

Is there a reason that the blender 2.6 bug tracker has over 600 reports?


Last i heard, it was around 250 open reports. Maybe is this typical of BCon4 and i just never noticed?

Is it more clear like that ?

Open Bugs(All) = Open Bugs + Open Bugs(Collada) +Todo

ha, well i feel dumb. I figured it was something like that. Strange that i have never had to change the list view until just now.

Well thanks for clearing that up!

Bug hunting is going great. I´m not going to be as optimistic as DingTo and think 150 is realistic, but surely 200 is certainly within reach. Last week it´s been lying pretty flat at 230, I think 224 at the lowest, and bugs from rc1 are coming in steadily, but to be honest about half of them aren´t really bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

My guess is rc2 sun/monday, and release wed/thu next week :slight_smile:

Then let´s bring on the GSOC2012 stuff, and make a big mess again :wink: