Bug Using Game Engine on Blender 2.49


I’m currently making a new 3D car game. Anyway, when I want to try out the game, I press the Play button in the Game Menu.
When I press that button, the game loads and play but the “Play” button in the top menu flashes. Also, because that button is flashing, I cannot move my mouse in the program, but I can play the game perfectly with the keyboard. If I want to go back to Edit Mode, I have to restart Blender.

Any help on how to solve this problem ?

Maybe reinstall blender? Does it work if you press P instead?

It does exactly the same thing if I press P.
Maybe my comp isn’t good enough.

Have you checked your Python loops?

Does it happen only on a specific file? in that case, upload it here so we can take a look at it.