Bug vs Water

Heh, this isn’t too great; really, I need to learn to use textures. :expressionless:

But, for a second try at this whole 3d thing, it’s not…horrible. Looks very plastic though, which gets on my nerves a bit. Hence the need to learn to use textures. Also, why is it Blender groups objects (e.g. The “bug”) into one big group, so I can’t apply materials to one object on the bug, but instead to the whole fricking bug? Any way I can avoid this? %|

Well, here it is:

And, the URL: http://tapped.freewebpage.org/bugvswater.png

Sorry again about how plastic it is. I’m not sure how to texture yet, but any help would be cool.

Also, any crits/ideas for this render would be great. Thanks! :slight_smile:

You need to make the water material partially transparent and click the ZTransp button for it. Add a ground and sky texture as well for more realism.

To add multiple materials to a mesh do this:

  1. Tab into edit mode and select the vertices of the faces you wish to apply the new material to.

  2. Once selected press the new button as highlighted below:


You’ll see the button that says:

1 MAT: 1

Change to:

2 MAT: 2

Tada! You’ve added another material to your mesh! Click the “Assign” button and you’re all set! Just go into the material editor and make sure that the grey button says 2 MAT: 2, and set your material up. Voila!

Lemme know if you have any more questions.

Link isn’t working for me.

Works fine for me :confused:

Copy & paste it into the addy bar; clicking doesn’t work for me, but pasting does.

I think your second material is maybe not single…
To do is: Material (F5) - single user… (and now you can select and assing…)
If that not help… I dont know what.

You REALLY need to work on those materials. Also the lighting could use some work, it’s hard for me to see the modelling.

What on earth is that ? Ok, some thing that will really help, would be a fiber script for 1 and a skydome for the great out doors, I happen to have a sky dome, would you use it ?

I found a tutorial on refraction http://oldsite.blender3d.org/showitem.php?id=99&page=1
and here’s the sky dome I uploaded for you http://awalker.freeservers.com/presets/

Squidgee where are you ?

The link to the image is broken

Don’t forget that if you add a new object while in EDIT mode, it will be a PART OF the object you were editing when it was added. You have to TAB out of edit mode and then add object you want to be separate.

The water looks blocky, like paint, make it more transparent and less blue (water isn’t that blue, it’s almost clear). Also the bug needs to be bigger as it is central to the picture and show sgould stand out more. And put different materials on the bug aswell. P.S. what kind of bug is it?