Bug when opening the "loading picture chooser"

I found a problem since release 2.27 (or 2.26) when I want to load a picture. It take a very (very) long time to load the mini-pics to select a picture. For a texture for example. I am under Windows 98 with a good configuration.
Does someone have the same pb ?
Is it a bug ?

Then for your help. My e-mail adresse is : [email protected]

Enjoy Blender !

Use the loading without preview function.


Thank’s Martin but… I can’t disable the preview function (small picture button has no action : I always have the preview pictures).
So I think it’s really a bug that appeared beetween release 2.25 and 2.27.
For example every time I want to put a background picture, Blender take more then 3 minutes to give me the preview screen. It’s not usefull.
It’s really a problem and I can’t go further with it.

Does someone know the clue ?

Right next to the ‘Load Image’ button is another small one that gives you access to your file tree without preview thumbs.