Bug Windows xp ?

(arnaudz) #1

When I want to delete a lot of selected point of a Nurbs blender crashes .
but it don’t when it some mesh.
any idea.
windows xp home ed
athlon xp 1800
1.5 gig mem
ge force 2 gts 64 mb

(digitalSlav) #2

gotta be xp man you should really get rid of it - i swear everything wrong with blender is due to XP! mocrosoft is trying to kill the underground so no other software comes of age. really man you can read about it. it uploads all of your software licenses and bank account information. i think they even stole my ID and paid for a trip to Rome. i’ve always wanted to go there :frowning: too bad, hope they had a good time though. um no i mean those bastards need to die and give me my money back and my life!!! i just wanna be me!!!

ok skip the conclusions…
blender bug