BUG? Wired problem only when the scence restart

So i make an empty (parented to the hero) for shooting,
Everything looks right at the fist round,
but when the game fail and restart in the engine,
the empty will move to somewhere else, and the rotation will change too.
(BTW, The Score is missing too. Looks like everything parented moved somehow.

the bug.blend (1.5 MB)
This is the first demo I try in UPBGE, am I missing something?

Your blend file works fine for me in my version of UPBGE 0.3.
Might I ask when you downloaded your version of 0.3? Your problem sounds like your Blender version isn’t resetting the scene to it’s original values/states on exit of the main-loop.
This happened with many early 0.3 versions, and is now mostly fixed.

Fyi, I’m using the 0.3 build based off of Blender 2.92.

Thanks for relpying!
what I downloaded was the latest version of UPBGE 0.3 (osx)

I checked with last Mac version from 2021-01-03 and i didnt see nothing strange in your blend.

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