Bug with Blender v2.37a and Yafray

I think I may have found the problems I was having using Area Lights in Blender when rendering with Yafray. It seems that if you turn the area light into a rectangle instead of a square the light fails to work. Putting the light back to a square makes it work again, of coarse you have to turn the energy up to make it show up. In the Blender renderer I keep the power at 1 with a distance of 8. As Yafray as the renderer it does’t make a difference what the distance is, but the energy must go to 4.

EDIT: Also turning on photons makes the scene render black.

If you want a rectangular area light, you just have to edit the xml file and change the appropriate parameter.

The turning on photons issue probably has to do with the fact that you changed the area light to a photon light. You need to duplicate the light first, because photon lights don’t actually cast light.


I didn’t change the light, just added the photon section in Yafray render settings. It works perfect with Spot or Lamp. It is just a problem with Area Lights, so there is a bug in the way they send that info to Yafray. You shouldn’t have to edit the XML file to get a light to work, that is a bug.