Bug with face select

A picture is worth a thousand words:


I select a region of the feet in with box select, and it for some reason selects parts of the head and other parts as well…

An idea why? This seems like a very strange bug to me…

i dont know but try this:

go into edit mode
select faces wanted
tranfser into uv/face selct mode

Weird!! Can you post the blend? I’m guessing that the mesh data is somehow corrupt. Perhaps doing an xsort or hash will fix it by reordering the mesh data – Just a guess because I really have no clue.


Well, I have linked this bug to 2.35, and not my mesh. If I try to box select anything, including verts, in shaded or textured view, then it gives me that weird selection. In fact, even if I try to select a single verticie it goes wacky. In wireframe, everything works fine…
Could someone fix this bug or do I have a weird version of 2.35?

My quess would be it’s in the OpenGL drivers since it only happens in shaded and textured view.